Meet Erik Paulsen!

It's no wonder Erik Paulsen is supporting Donald Trump, something that not even President Bush is willing to do.

Two decades in politics and Erik Paulsen knows all the tricks. Say one thing, vote another. From veterans, to education, fiscal responsibility, to equal pay, you can pretty much trust that Erik Paulsen is not the moderate he claims.

Erik's also cut from the same cloth as Donald Trump; as a businessman and investor he has a long history of using his political influence to profit and travel the world. In 2012 the Star Tribune called out Paulsen for owning stock and profiting on companies whose legislation he was actively working on and only sold shares after the media reported his ownership (Star Tribune, 10/06/12). It must be nice knowing that he can help guarantee his stock value only goes up.

By now it shouldn't come as a surprise to learn that Erik Paulsen is one of Congress' number one advocates against transparency and public disclosure. In the last two years alone, Paulsen has mocked congressional ethics rules against lobbyists paying for travel expenses, taking First Class trips with his wife to Rome and Prague at the cost of over $27,000. On November 5th, 2014, the day after the last election, Paulsen and his wife set off to Rome for a week long trip costing $17,120.59 paid for by the Ripon Society, which as far back as 2006, has been widely known "for having the unofficial mission: travel agency to lobbyists" (Washing Post, 1/23/06). Erik Paulsen has been so good to those who pay for his junkets that this year he was listed as "Vice Chair, Midwest" of the Ripon Society's "Honorary Congressional Advisory Board."

You really have to ask yourself, Who's Erik Paulsen working for?
Us or his own self-interests?